How To Get Your Thoughts On Paper

In the last 2 or 3 months (written in 2014) I have written and self-published 4 books. If you had asked me a couple of years ago if I thought I would be writing a book I would have laughed at you. I would have said I am a speaker not a writer. I used to believe that I had some sort of disconnect between my brain and my hands. I am sure that I am not the only one who has felt this way. So obviously since you are reading this you want to be a writer. You want to publish your own book. I think this is wonderful. I believe that we each have a message to share with the world. On this blog and hopefully in a future radio program I plan to share with you How To Write And Self-Publish Your Book.

I have purchased a number of courses on how to write a book in my life. You see the truth is I have always wanted to write a book. I just did not know how and I felt that I had this mental block. In this short little book I hope to save you your money. Purchasing a lot of courses on this topic can be costly. I am making this available to you for FREE.

Like I said I have written 4 books in only a few months. Honestly I feel like I have gone from zero to hero. When I attempted to write a book in the past I always thought that the only way to write a book was to open up a Word Document and start writing. For some of my books I have been able to do this for others I haven’t. In the following blog post I hope to share with you some of the secrets of my writing success. I hope to share with you how it is that I overcame my block and got thoughts onto paper.

If you are interested in writing a book then it is my goal to make sure that you accomplish your goal. I hope to be able to coach you through this process.

How To Get Your Thoughts On Paper

So as I said earlier I have always had a difficult time getting my thoughts on paper. I could write a short article on a given topic but when it came to writing a book I had no idea really where to start. In the following blog post I hope to share with you a few simple tips that can really help you out.

Write A Blog

Writing a blog can be a simple and easy way to get your ideas on paper. The key is to find your niche and create your blog. This will help you in a number of ways. First, it will give you a platform for writing short articles on your given topic. These articles can then turn into chapters in your book. When your followers start to ask you questions then you can respond to them and that can be another chapter in your book. Second, using a blogging platform will allow you to create a mailing list and gain followers. This is a great way for promoting your books.

You may be saying well that sounds simple enough but I have no idea how to create a blog. In the next section I will share with you the simple steps to creating a blog.

How To Create A Blog Using WordPress

I love because it is a simple and FREE blogging platform. In order to create your blog you will need to follow the below simple steps.

  • Go to
  • Create your blog address using the simple prompt on They will also give you the option to purchase your own dot com. This is up to you.
  • Choose a name for your blog. I use the title of my books. I presently have 6 blogs.
  • Determine your privacy settings.
  • When you are ready then you can Create Your Blog using the little blue button on the bottom of the page.

As you can see it is not a very difficult process. If you have any questions related to creating a blog then please just post it in the comment section below. You may be surprised to see your questions answered on this blog at a later date.

Record An Interview

If you are absolutely blocked and know your topic but just cannot get it onto paper (and the blog seems to difficult) then the following will be a big help to you. This was actually the key that I used to write my first book – Transsexualism: What Is The Christian Perspective?. This made it so easy that this is by far my favorite way to write a book. So using the audio recorder on your computer record an interview. This of course will require the help of a friend. So phone a friend and get started. You can discuss your thoughts with your friend prior to the recording process. Give them some note cards with specific questions for you on them. As you answer these questions you are developing content and each of these questions can become chapter heading in your book. Once you have made your recording get it transcribed. This with some simple formatting will be the content of your book. If you have a little money you can go to and get someone to transcribe your audio recording for you. This will only cost you $5.00. I saved myself the $5.00 and transcribed it myself. You can also use the above website to create your book cover. There is an even cheaper way that is available to you that I will share with you later on in another blog post.

Published by Sister Abigail Hester (Willow)

As a child I loved everything to do with the outdoors and was even a part of the Boy Scouts. It was the Boy Scouts that taught me the importance of being prepared. As a teenager I lost my father to a brain aneurysm which sparked an even deeper interest in health and wellness. It was around this time that I found myself living with an herbalist and the rest is history. Willow has a Bachelor of Christian Website Design from Saint Luke Evangelical School of Biblical Studies, a Masters of Theology from Saint Luke Evangelical School of Biblical Studies, a Masters of Comparative Religion from Universal Life Church Seminary, a Masters of Metaphysical Healing from Universal Life Church Seminary, a Masters of Shamanism from Universal Life Church Seminary, and a Doctorate of Religious Humanities from the Educational Department of Universal Life Church International Headquarters. Willow has completed both Herbal Medicine: Nourishing Herbal Infusions – Drink Your Way To Health, Seven Rivers of Healing and Energy Healing: Shaman’s Circle: Earth Spirits and Guides courses at Wise Woman University. Willow is a Certified Biblical Health Coach (Biblical Health Institute), Certified Nutritional Consultant (Life Extension Center), Eat God’s Way Consultant (Life Extension Center), Raw Food Chef (Living in Live Food Chef Certification Program) and Herb Specialist (Natural Health School). Willow has been ordained into the ministry by Universal Life Church International HQ (2000). Willow has also been ordained as a Peace Keeper, a Peace Minister (MP) and a Healing Minister through Luntiang Aghama Natural Divine Arts Shrine Of Healing INC., Philippines. Willow is an Interfaith ChristoPagan Nun.

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