The one symptom of Covid that no one is talking about.

The one symptom of Covid that no one is talking about.

So, I have been super careful trying to avoid catching Covid. I wear my mask, social distance and wash my hands regularly. Although I have been careful. I ended up catching it.

The first few days, I felt like I just had a cold. After a few days, I started to get sicker. I had high fevers, coughing, no taste, no smell, sore throat, fatigue, weakness, body aches, no appetite, chills, vomiting, nausea, and explosive diarrhea. Yeah, you read that one right. I ended up having to wear adult diapers. Every time I coughed I would lose control of my bowels. And, I was coughing 70-80 times a day. I was so embarrassed. My blind wife was changing me every hour.

With so much diarrhea, I ended up getting very dehydrated and weak. After 3 days, I finally decided to call 911 for an ambulance. When they got there, I was so weak, I couldn’t stand. My pulse ox was 87. They had to use a special chair to get me downstairs.

I ended up getting admitted to the hospital for Covid pneumonia. My pulse ox was 85 standing up. My explosive diarrhea finally stopped. I am on oxygen and 2 antibiotics. My doctor told me that I do have severe lung damage and that if I catch covid again, I may not make it. I am confident that I will get out of the hospital in a week or two.

Published by Sister Abigail Hester (Willow)

As a child I loved everything to do with the outdoors and was even a part of the Boy Scouts. It was the Boy Scouts that taught me the importance of being prepared. As a teenager I lost my father to a brain aneurysm which sparked an even deeper interest in health and wellness. It was around this time that I found myself living with an herbalist and the rest is history. Willow has a Bachelor of Christian Website Design from Saint Luke Evangelical School of Biblical Studies, a Masters of Theology from Saint Luke Evangelical School of Biblical Studies, a Masters of Comparative Religion from Universal Life Church Seminary, a Masters of Metaphysical Healing from Universal Life Church Seminary, a Masters of Shamanism from Universal Life Church Seminary, and a Doctorate of Religious Humanities from the Educational Department of Universal Life Church International Headquarters. Willow has completed both Herbal Medicine: Nourishing Herbal Infusions – Drink Your Way To Health, Seven Rivers of Healing and Energy Healing: Shaman’s Circle: Earth Spirits and Guides courses at Wise Woman University. Willow is a Certified Biblical Health Coach (Biblical Health Institute), Certified Nutritional Consultant (Life Extension Center), Eat God’s Way Consultant (Life Extension Center), Raw Food Chef (Living in Live Food Chef Certification Program) and Herb Specialist (Natural Health School). Willow has been ordained into the ministry by Universal Life Church International HQ (2000). Willow has also been ordained as a Peace Keeper, a Peace Minister (MP) and a Healing Minister through Luntiang Aghama Natural Divine Arts Shrine Of Healing INC., Philippines. Willow is an Interfaith ChristoPagan Nun.

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