Almond Milk Recipe

Welcome to River Willow Apothecary. We really hope that you have been enjoying the numerous recipes that we have been sharing with you.  Do you have seasonal allergies? Have you tried limiting your consumption of dairy products? If so this following recipe will be of great benefit to you. Ingredients 1 cup of almonds (thatContinue reading “Almond Milk Recipe”

Tomato Basil Bruschetta Tasty

Ingredients 2 Sprouted Tortillas1 Tomato1 Bell Pepper1 Onion1/4th Cup Olive OilSalt, PepperFresh Basil (some replace this with Italian Seasoning)  Directions Brush tortillas with olive oil and brown in skillet. Cut each tortillas in about 10 pieces. Dice and mix veggies. Add olive oil and spices. Put veggies on your tortillas and enjoy.